Night Sky Photos

I experimented with taking photos of the night sky using the following equipment:

The results were O.K. for a first effort. For all the night photos, I used the largest aperature setting available (f/2). Exposure times of about 20 seconds generally worked well.

The fisheye lens distorted stars that were away from the center of the frame and made everything smaller. Still, with patience I was able to pick a lot of detail out of the images.

You can view the results online. Be aware that what you're seeing are scanned images of printed photos saved as JPEGs. The original photos look somewhat nicer.

View the results.

Note: It would make me feel better if you at least try using the Guides feature in the viewer. Really, you might it find half-way cool.

Depending on your browser and operating system, you might be able to use accelerator keys for Next (Alt-N), Prev (Alt-P), and Guides (Alt-G).

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